Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Moments: Cars and Kids

mommy moments

It's that time again..and that means mommy moments time!

Car and kids-our theme for this week...We decided to get a van as soon as i am close to giving birth.  I want a family car and one that i can have everything i needed to bring.  

This car has been part of our lives.  Also Denise loves to play on pretend cars as shown on the picture below.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking Back

Most often than not, I get terrible headaches.  I even think I have migraine.  It usually hit me when I don’t have enough sleep, or I’m overworked, too much time in the computer.  The next day, I tend to get terrible headaches. 
I don’t wear eyeglasses when I’m at home.  I only wear my contact lens or eyeglasses when I need to like driving or when I know I have to look for something far.  I don’t have problems looking near.  So, am I nearsighted or farsighted? I’m confused now.
Not long ago, my sister was throwing up for any reason.  I told her to have her eyes checked.  The problem is that most insurance doesn’t cover eye exams and such.  I should tell her to check out these cheap glasses.
I also need new set of eyeglasses but doesn’t have the money to buy one.  My husband also needs to have his eye exam soon as he was complaining that he gets dizzy wearing his eyeglasses now.
Wow, I just realized from this post that we need to buy new pairs.  We both are working most of the time using the computer, so I think that’s the reason why we tend to get headaches.
Some people advised to wear eyeglasses on daily basis to help promote good vision.  Oh well, let’s see.

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