Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Wishlist

For those of you wondering, my bday is on March 15...yeah i know!  But what the heck, there is always next year's birthday.  I don't expect to get anything.  It's just a list, 'ya know!  I might be able to cross out something on the list before the end of this year.  Our wedding anniversary is coming up. (August). 

I am not a big time wishlist girl. But for now, i am loving these items.  I wish to own them someday.  Here it is...

LV Odeon PM $715

I love that this bag is hands-free.  I can wear it when i go run errands, go quick shopping, go to the park.  It is perfect.  It is carried across the body which i don't own anything like it.

Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet $290

To match with my necklace, i want to get this bracelet.  It is very classy.  I like it coz i can hang other charms with it too.  And the fact that it is toggle lock, i love it.  It is super easy to wear.

Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Chronograph Watch $195

I know that my hubby got me Philip Stein watch for my bday this year.  But i can't get over it.  I feel like i need another watch to rock.  It is very pretty. And the fact that i don't own anything like this.  Also, since huge watches are IN, i feel like i need to have it too!

Short Notice Plan


I was chatting with a friend asking her with plans of having a pool party at home.  Since summer has started, we have to schedule something.  It will be our first pool party since we moved.
This was kind of a short noticed invitation.  I am not even sure if people can come.  So, i made shoutout on my facebook.  Some confirmed, a few already made plans.  We decided to schedule it on the 4th of July.

We are so excited...firing up the grill, swim, bbq, chitchats...FUN!

One Word Tag

I was tagged by Mommy Phebie.  I did not know until i visited her blog.  I was really thinking of posting something today and here it is...

For the rules:
USING ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers. Be sure to tag the person who sent it to you!

1. Where is your cell phone? 
2. Your hair? 
3. Your mother? 
4. Your father? a
5. Your favorite food? 
6. Your dream last night? 
7. Your favorite drink? 
8. Your dream/goal? 
9. What room you are in? 
10. Your hobby? 
11. Your fear? 
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 
13. Where were you last night? 
14. Something that you aren’t? 
15. Muffins? 
16. Wish list item? 
MK Watch
17. Where you grew up? 
18. Last thing you did? 
19. What are you wearing? 
20. Your TV? 
21. Your pets? 
22. Friends?
23. Your life? 
24. Your mood? 
25. Missing someone? yup
26. Car? repair
27. Something you’re not wearing? 
28. Your favorite store? 
29. Your favorite color? 
30. When is the last time you laughed? 
31. Last time you cried? 
32. Who will resend this? 
33. One place that I go to over and over? 
34. One person who emails me regularly? 
35. My favorite place to eat? 

I am tagging everyone who enjoys this tag...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

Dear Mondays, 

Why do you feel the need to come around every 7 days? I'm sorry, it overkills.
It is hard to wake up on a Monday morning to shower and get ready.  It is traffic on Monday mornings.  You can hear bustling and hustling of the busses and cars.  It is hard to get in the office with a smile and a nice mood.  The office table is not ready for the week-work.  And most of all time is really slow...

Let me why?!  Is it just another Manic Monday?

Love, me.

P.S  That necklace i bought from Tiffany, Denise is wearing it right now.  It is perfect for her (since we both have the same initial) and Dad said she could have it...huhu!

Americana Manhasset


We went to Americana Manhasset on Saturday.  For those of you who is not familar, it is a Fifth Avenue kind of in Long Island.  It is a luxury mall where hi-end brands are sold.  We decided to stop by on our way to Queens.  I really don't have anything specific to look at.  We are just browsing and window shopping.

We went to Tiffany and Company to look around and to browse some jewelry items.  I already have a wishlist from that store but not like a "i have to get it now" kind of thing...  You know me, i am obseessive compulsive.  I have to get what i want in that same exact time, if i really want it!  Good thing, none of my list are urgent-urgent wants. blee!!!

Then we walked along.  We stopped by Chanel.  Look around and went out.  I like their bags but i don't like the price..hahaha!

We went to some other boutiques and brands just to browse...then the long unvisited shop LV...i went there.  They don't have any customer which is not usual.  Obviously, i get attended and introduced to their new arrivals.  I have been looking online for a crossbody bag that i could bring when i run errands and go quick shopping.  They have a few to choose from.  And i love the 1st one that i tried on...almost tempted to buy it but not really.  I have to think it over since i have 4 LV's and i only use 1 at a time..wahhhh!

As i went home, i was thinking to either get the LV or the Tiffany necklace that i like.  Not so hard to decide since both have different prices and not even close price competition.  I was leaning towards getting the necklace of course.  That's the only thing i can afford for now.

I couldn't sleep that night.  Then finally Sunday came..I told hubby if we can go back to Manhasset to get the necklace.  YES is the answer...spoiled eh! haha! 

But going to Manhasset was never easy again.  There was a battle of either getting a huge watch from MK or the Tiffany necklace. Hubby told me that i can get either one of them...Just ONE?!  then the battle begins!

I went to Tiffany to get the necklace with letter D initial pendant.  Hubby paid it and i was walking along the shops with Tiffany blue box hanging on my wrist..hahaha! Then went across the street to see the huge watch from MK and I AM IN LOVE!!!!  I wish i went to MK before i decided to buy the necklace.  But then again, hubby told me that i have a watch and he thinks i don't need a lot.

You know girls...so that's my next goal to buy....to add on my so called WISHLIST!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's In My Vanity?


To counterpart the saying "BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYS", there may also be a saying "GIRLS WILL ALWAYS BE GIRLS".  It could mean two different things but the buttom line is the same.  Girls maintain some kind of obsession.  It could be over a brand, clothes, perfume, shopping, cellphone, sex?! hu-what?! lol...My point here is to show you my growing what's in my vanity.  A growing collection of makeup, facial care, perfumes, body care etc etc.

So, find out "What's in my Vanity"..

Do Not Drink My Milk


I have this thing about milk.  The idea of being "out of milk" somehow terrifies me.  I don't usually drink milk other than in my coffee.  My hubby did not drink milk when he was a baby.  WEIRD, right?!  So, between us there is no issue about running out of milk in the house.  But i don't understand why i have this obsession about milk.  I panic when a recipe calls for milk as ingredient.  Or when a visitor asks for milk.  I developed a "security blanket" relationship with a full gallon of milk.

It would be horrible when i give guests cookies or cake and request for milk..and what if i am out of milk?  What a shame!  Or i am cooking or baking cake and prepared all the ingredients only to find out i am low of milk.  And my supply is not enough for the recipe.  Although it is very easy to run to our nearest grocery store, but the thought of delaying the mixture will ruin the whole procedure.  It is wrong!

I could even suffer from mild "panic attack" if my baby cries because she is hungry.  And the only way to calm her down is MILK...then i don't have enough to offer...ouch!!!  Milk has been a staple in our grocery needs.  I have to get milk everytime we shop for food.  I also make a special trip to the grocery store for milk.  That's how bad the demand of milk in my home!

I believe i am not alone on this issue.  Maybe you have something but on a different story.  But isn't it what blogging is all about- to share to the world those things.  So, please tell me your obsessive compulsions - JUST DO NOT DRINK MY MILK...

Early to bed, early to rise...

There is what we call BODY CLOCK.  It is when  the body seems to know when to get up and when to sleep.  It is to the advantage for those who maintain to set the body clock on the socially acceptable time.  I used to maintain an early body clock, which means early rise and early bed.  On the other hand, hubby wants to sleep late and get up late.  We are really on the opposite ends.  When I am awake at 6am, i tend to wake him up, talk to him and ask him to try to be with me.  At night time when my sleepy head strikes, he is at his best. Totally opposite!!!

Lately, i don't know why i work this way.  I swear it is not my choice.  At 9pm, i have all the intentions of actually "going to bed" at night.  But by 12am, i don't know where exactly that plan went wrong.  And time seems to move faster between those times that i don't notice how late it is.  The worse thing is that when i am past my bedtime, it is very hard for me to fall asleep.  What made matters even worse is the invention of the internet.  Time flies when you are stalking celebrities on twitter or searching for the Hayden-Katrina scandal, or blog hopping.....Only to find out that there is more than just a scandal...a new collection released by MAC cosmetics, OMG?!  or What? Lauren Conrad's first novel is in the market.  So Kate and Jon split?!  I get all the important news over the internet.  Reading one after another made my night longer.  Then i realized it is way beyond my bedtime..grrr!!!

When i was little, my mom always encouraged us to sleep early so that we will wake up early.  She would even wakes us up in the morning and assigned us with tasks to do at home.  And if waking us up is hard for her, she will start telling us that it is raining with money outside and too bad we were not able to see and grab some...lol.  So, i have always maintained that ealy to bed, early to rise. ..Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Am I living in Seattle?

Yeah right, i could live in Seattle.  We've been having this pouring rain for the last 3 weeks.  It sucks and it's getting into my nerves already.  Seriously, like do we need this much rain?  Not to mention that our pool almost overflows now.

I don't understand how i complain about this weather we are having right now.  When i should be thankful.  Yet, even when it's raining our freakin' sprikler keeps going on.  And we don't even know how to shut it off to save some water.

Den and I can't  go to our deck and play kick ball.  We can't go for a walk to CVS.  We are just stuck at home bored.

It feels like i am living in Seattle.

Power Nap

According to wikipedia, power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep.

I am not a fan of napping during the day.  I feel like i waste the day for taking a nap.  Well, not really whole day but 15-20mins.  I think that's all you need to revitalize the energy and refresh the mind.  I get to sleep at night for 7-8hrs  and i think that's all my body needs.  Since sleep is cumulative, if you lose sleep one day, you will feel it the next.  Lacking sleep relatively equates to being unproductive, moody and tired.

Why is power nap the best?!  Simply because it allows your body to relax.  Make it a habit to spend less than 30 mins to power nap.  They can be done during your break at work or lunch hour. And if you wake up from that short nap, you don't feel groggy yet you get to energize your body. 

Don't feel guilty to include napping on your routine.  Just as i am saying to myself, what am i doing right now?  Let me go and take my power nap!

Monday, June 22, 2009

SUMO Promo Code


June 16-18 i marked my icalendar on these dates.  It is the Friends and Family Sale of MAC Cosmetics.  I can never allow myself to miss this great opportunity.  25% discount on entire purchase and free shipping on orders over $60. Code valid online only. Yet another haul and visa damage. lol!

I placed 2 orders...Yeah, i know.  I am obsessed like that.  

My first order was delivered  2 days after.  I got 6 eyeshadows, a 15-eyeshadow empty palette, 239 eyeshader brush & 109 contour brush.  My second order was still pending.  But i ordered another 4 eyeshadows, concealer, 4 empty palette and an eyeliner.  So, that completes my SUMO promo code haul.  

In's and Out's

Hello Everyone!  Here are a list of what's IN and OUT for me!

My new iphone---yes finally!  Hubby has been raving about iphone that i need to get and have it.  On Father's day, he got me one! and so far so good! I am loving it.  It gets me connected to the world ALL THE TIME! Yay!

Summer Bronze Look  by michele1218 and Gentle Sunset Look by glimmerglossglow--I have been wearing this look alternately and i loves it!  You can visit the look tutorial in youtube.

Living room--our center table was moved to the end of the 2 sofas.  Reason?! Denise keeps bumping at the table edges and it is not good.  She always gets hurt with it.  So our living room looks so spacious now that she can run around without hitting anything.

My mama is coming over July-September.  She will stay with us that long.  Yay! I get a lot of help when it comes to housechores!  I can scream right now coz i am so excited.

Denise's first flight ever---we will be flying to CA this coming Sept for a weekend.  Something to look forward to...


How can i ever stop this rain?  Yes, it has been pouring here in NY for weeks now.  And take note, official summer has started but we still have been getting this rain rain! ughh! i could cry tomorrow if i wake up with a rain.

Vacation time is over---Angelou's family left already..How sad! Back to square one.  

Car Accident---we got into a car accident.  I was driving along Route 112 in our place and traffic was slow.  Kinda distracted by some kids jumping with streamers, advertisement of car wash promotion.  Then the car ahead of us did a sudden stop .  I stepped on the accelerator too much instead of the brake.  Too late,  i was not able to keep away.  Head on!  Front hood - destroyed!  Got to wait for car insurance estimator to get the quote to fix it.  This is my second car accident and i think i need to reconsider driving.  blee!

I think these are all for now.  Will post another IN's and OUT's in about a month or so

Sunday, June 21, 2009

7 Day Challenge


I am on a 7-day challenge for a brighter and whiter smile.  I read from an article/review that Go Smile is a 7 day system teeth whitening.  It is on the pricey side but i would pay if it is worth the money and it will do what it is supposed to.

I am about to complete my day 3 of the challenge along with my hubby.  If you noticed, i don't bring the biggest nice smile on pictures.  I do have yellow-ish teeth but i didn't care that much before because they said it means i have a strong and healthy teeth.  But i wanted to try this and see if it works.  And mind you, this is my first time to try whitening my teeth..*FINGERSCROSSED*

It is simple to apply.  Forget about those messy time consuming and uncomfortable strips and tray.  It is as simple as FLIP, POP and WHITEN.  It comes in a ampoules with a sponge applicator.  The fun thing is it tastes fresh and minty-like just having toothbrush feeling.  After applying, you can GO SMILE.

I will update here once i completed the 7 day system and what results i get out of it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I think I Am Nuts and I am proud of it


At some point in my life, i maintain unnecessary obsession.  These obsessions are all out and short lived, but it envelops myself that i cannot live without having them.  To name a few are makeup, clothes, perfume, going online, twitter, facebook, friendster, cellphone, bags, tfc, youtube and the list continues to grow.  And these become habitual and intense for not too long before i move on to another...I don't consider it as time consuming, yet some are wallet consuming...It already becomes a part of my daily pieces so i don't consider some to be included in the so called "obsession" list.  Without having any obsession at a given point is not the normal me.  Hubby would even call me abnormal if i don't have anything going on.  As of the moment, the obsession of makeup has prolonged but clothes, shoes, perfume are still on the way.

A lifelong obsession is organization.  I keep rearranging my closet, baby's closet, room decor, and the pantry.  I have to redo it everytime i feel the organization is off.  I have to group by canned goods and by meat.  Cereal must be on the top with the pancake mix, and others.  Bottled stuffs must be arranged by height, color,,,,u know what i mean.  Anyway, the whole point here is that I just want to let you know that I AM NUTS and I am proud of it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Art of Burning Candles


Lately, I am having this kick of burning scented candles at home.  It feels soothing and calm with the scent it brings.  I also learned recently the art of burning candles.

When you first buy the candle, you will notice that the wicks are long.  You are supposed to trim the wicks before you lit it.  Also the candle have some sort of "memory".  So it memorizes the last level when you started to burn.  I hope i make sense here.  What i'm trying to say is that some candles burned all the way down making a hole within the middle part and not all the way to each sides?! Yeah, that is the reason why you have to trim the wicks each time you burn it.  Also you will have to stay it lit for not more than 3 hours each time.

I have been good with trimming the wicks and burning my candles at home lately.  And i have to call it the art of burning candles..

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beauty of Nature


I always appreciate the beauty of nature. I just love the feel being with lovely views, nice bloomed flowers and just the breeze of it...

One spring time we went to Central Park for a walk..To my surprise, there is one area in the park that i haven't been with.  It was a nice landscape area with very beautiful flowers..It's just breathtaking view!  If you have not known, Central Park itself is bigger than the smallest country in the world Monaco..Imagining how to explore the park for a day walk would take a lot of time and energy of course.

At the park you can see a lot of people from all walks of life.  Some people come to walk their dogs, come to read a book, or just want to spend alone time, picnic, play, concert, games, or just do nothing at all.

If you haven't been in Central Park in NYC, definitely a place to visit if you are in NYC area...
Here are some pictures of the area where we went to.

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