Monday, June 15, 2009

I think I Am Nuts and I am proud of it

At some point in my life, i maintain unnecessary obsession.  These obsessions are all out and short lived, but it envelops myself that i cannot live without having them.  To name a few are makeup, clothes, perfume, going online, twitter, facebook, friendster, cellphone, bags, tfc, youtube and the list continues to grow.  And these become habitual and intense for not too long before i move on to another...I don't consider it as time consuming, yet some are wallet consuming...It already becomes a part of my daily pieces so i don't consider some to be included in the so called "obsession" list.  Without having any obsession at a given point is not the normal me.  Hubby would even call me abnormal if i don't have anything going on.  As of the moment, the obsession of makeup has prolonged but clothes, shoes, perfume are still on the way.

A lifelong obsession is organization.  I keep rearranging my closet, baby's closet, room decor, and the pantry.  I have to redo it everytime i feel the organization is off.  I have to group by canned goods and by meat.  Cereal must be on the top with the pancake mix, and others.  Bottled stuffs must be arranged by height, color,,,,u know what i mean.  Anyway, the whole point here is that I just want to let you know that I AM NUTS and I am proud of it!

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