Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Art of Burning Candles

Lately, I am having this kick of burning scented candles at home.  It feels soothing and calm with the scent it brings.  I also learned recently the art of burning candles.

When you first buy the candle, you will notice that the wicks are long.  You are supposed to trim the wicks before you lit it.  Also the candle have some sort of "memory".  So it memorizes the last level when you started to burn.  I hope i make sense here.  What i'm trying to say is that some candles burned all the way down making a hole within the middle part and not all the way to each sides?! Yeah, that is the reason why you have to trim the wicks each time you burn it.  Also you will have to stay it lit for not more than 3 hours each time.

I have been good with trimming the wicks and burning my candles at home lately.  And i have to call it the art of burning candles..

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