Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton

As a girlie girl type of person, i also have a sporty side of me!  I have been watching all fights of our very own Pacquiao.  I think i watched his fight twice when i was pregnant.  Can you imagine?  I feel like my baby at the at time was also boxing my tummy! haha!

Come Saturday, another fight he has to make.  We have invited some friends to come over for bbq, swimming and then watch the fight.  The fight won't start til very late coz it will be held at Las Vegas.  They have PST and we do have EST, it's like 3 hours time difference.  I don't mind waiting for the fight for it will be a momentous event.  I hope Pacquiao will make it again and many Filipinos will be proud of him.

I heard mix emotions and rumors about this coming fight.  My concern is to enjoy watching the fight and share that moment with friends and family.

I can't wait for our little get together.

Makeup Swap

I heard about from youtube gurus that i have been watching.  It's a website where you can swap makeup or any item agreed by both parties.  You will have to list your swap items and wishlist items.  In this website, you can also read reviews about products, makeup, hair products etc etc.  

I joined and registered this site not long ago but just started with swapping this week.. I tell you, it's very addicting!  Yet you also have to be careful coz there are also swaplifter! Who would think they existed? Right! They do! I love makeup ally, great reviews! and it can really be a fun and resourceful community.

So far, i have sent 3 items to 3 different girls who i swapped with items that i have been wanting but hesitant to buy!  This way, i'm able to save a little money and get rid of makeup/products that i don't really use and i dont want to keep.

If you are a makeup addict like me, you can try this community!  And let me know what your experiences are! Be it great or not so great!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Nap a Day

My days are tough lately.  Denise's nap is out of schedule.  She used to take naps during daytime twice, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  Then off to bed between 7-8pm. But not anymore or i'm still trying to get her back to the same routine.  I always think that babies should need to take a nap or two.  But i understand that she has been getting active and curious about her surroundings.  She's learning and developing her skills.  I am amazed with how kids react to things, her problem solving is so amazing!

Anyhow, i am hoping to get her back to the same routine if not drop a nap.  But i still think she needs at least one nap a day.  On weekends, i have hard time following her schedule coz we always go out and if not, her dad is around.  She wants to be with her dad all the time causing her not to nap.

Then, no napping made her so cranky.  She's having her moments lately, fake crying and all that! It is annoying.  You gotta have cup full of patience.  Once it's over, i don't what will happen next.  I need to control my temper and be more patient when it comes to my growing little bub.

A Rose Romance!

After Hello Kitty Collection from MAC Cosmetics comes A Rose Romance Collection.  I heard mix reviews and feelings out from this collection.  Most makeup geeks love this collection more than HK.  Hmm, I think they are right.  Spending way too much from HK made me not spend any from this collection, or shall i say, maybe get an item or two! Or it will broke my wallet once again.  I can't ask this for no occassion, bday is over and too soon for Mother's day gift...right?!

And i spent nearly a hundred last weekend for makeup..Yeah right, i failed on no makeup buying project plan.  I just can't get enough.  I even ordered online pigment samples.  To be honest, i can't use up all my makeup collection anymore.  I need to wear makeup every single day for me to at least give it a dab or two. tsk, tsk, tsk!

Going back to the Rose Romance, their beauty powder is such a collector's item.  It has rose embossed in it.  You don't even want to use it.  It is just so pretty.  The pigments in this collection is what i want to get, but i still have samples to use up and i'll see if i really like it, then i will get it.  The eyeshadows are also beautiful. Not so crazy about the lippies.  I have so many lippies to use that i don't think i need any. wahhh! 

Let me know what you think about this collection and what you end up getting.  

Ciao bellas!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cupcake is one of the best cupcakes in NYC.  Okey,  I heard about this name in the MAC makeup SUGARSWEET COLLECTION.  Since MAC released this collection, i have been dying to try out red velvet.  

Red velvet cupcake has  rich cream cheese frosting, topped with red velvet crumbs and rimmed with white sprinkles.

So, here is a picture to satisfy your craving.  I will try to order online from Crumbs bake shop in Manhattan.  Yeah right, they do deliver overnight.  I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We can never have enough, so to speak

My love for makeup has gotten me into something that i seriously need help! Yeah, right! It is like, i can never have enough makeup when i have so much.  I even haven't used some of it.  And my makeup bag won't even zip coz it's full of makeup! Then i still wanted to get more.  Watching this haul video and makeup tutorials urged me to get more and more!

I started this makeup addiction since December i think.  Since then i have been watching tutorials and buying makeup.  I don't even buy clothes anymore.  This has got to stop.  Everytime i go to the mall, i always stop by makeup counters, sephora and mac.  It is crazy!!!  I can't help it!

Gross, Yucky, Eww?!!!

Did any of you experienced your baby making the number 8 while taking a tub bath?  What was your initial feeling?! Did you run? 

Haha! Yeah it happened to me one night when i was taking Denise to her daily tub bath.  I used to let her play and stay in the tub for long.  Then i saw her trying to push.  In a minute, i knew what was going to happen next.  Then i heard it popped!!! eww!  I didn't know what to do.  I called my hubby for help.  And he told me to take care of it? WHAT?! Seriously, he has to help me!

We managed every detail of it and cleaned the mess that our baby did with no complains.

So, that was my little story of a mom who was shocked by the little poo in the tub!

Lush Haul/Review + other stuffs


Yay! I finally get the chance to visit and pick out some Lush goodies that i have been eyeing for so long.  I was so excited when my hubby told me we were going.  Yah, even when it was pouring hard that day! 

I literally stayed their for long to choose which ones to get.  I got a box wrapped with goodies for a friend whose having a bday soon.  So, i picked a few for her.  I love Honey I washed the kids and rockstar soap.  I also hear good stuff about it, so i got those.. And what caught my eyes were those bath bombs..i love to take bubble baths and i haven't done one since we moved to this house.  I picked a few for myself too.

I also got crocs and hava slippers ready for summer.

Okey, going back to the lush goodies...i get to try the butter ball bomb, i was kinda disappointed on that one. I was expecting tub with lots of bubbles.  I was wrong, bath bombs don't make bubbles, only the bubble bars.  oh oh, wrong one!  But i still enjoyed my tub bath.  I have no complains with the soap and i am using it at the moment, even my hubby used it too and it made my skin moisturized that i feel like i don't need lotion.

Check out if you are interested.  

She got confidence!

I checked my twitter last night and came across from allthatglitters21 whom i've been following this tweet with the link.  I don't normally check links especially youtube's.  But this one, i did.  I thought, ughh this one's another nonsense.  I saw Simon and judges and this Susan Boyle.  She looks not so likeable.  I thought, nah, maybe one of those auditions to laugh about.

Then as the video progressed, audience were laughing and i can see them making criticisms.  Even the judges made initial bad reactions.  She's old to be in the contest.  But when she started singing her voice shocked everyone! It was one emotional, magical, i don't know how to explain. That feeling that you almost wanna cry and you don't even know why.  She has this lovely lovely voice.  And people applauded her and were amazed!

People are too quick to judge and they maybe amazing in what they do, like Susan.  Enough said, we cannot judge anybody by the looks alone.

Thought of sharing this to you guys!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Landscape Maintenance

When we first got our home, we initially planned to do landscape work on the sides and corner.  We are first time homeowners so maintaining a home and such is something new to us.  Now that spring is here and summer is coming, we really have to do something.
My hubby took time to make phone calls and get as many landscaper to come and give us price.  One came and gave us the proposal. Huh! it's pricey i can tell.  I am waiting for another one to come and show him what we want him to do.

First things first, we want to get spring maintenance, it's a must!  Cleaning the gutter, clearing out the leaves, fertilization, trimming and the like..all those that we need to get the lawn ready.

I told my hubby that weekly maintenance we will do it ourselves.  We just need them to start and we will do the rest.  I hope we will find time to keep it well and we don't have to hire somebody.

Let's see what happens after we get few quotes and we'll take it from there.

One more thing, our pool is scheduled to open on the 23rd! woohooo!! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Shopping for my little bub's pair of footwear sounds easy yet complex..hmmm, ironic right!

It seems nothing fits her right except the one that i bought her for winter-boots with the fur.  It's more expensive than my shoes, mind you.  But it is worth it because she wore it the whole season up to now.  I know i need to get her a new pair for spring and summer.  I actually bought 2 spare shoes for the coming season.  I tried it on her at home for practice and stuff but it is funny that she ended up carrying her footwear and bring it to me.  It won't stay on her foot.  I don't know what is the problem.  I think her heels cannot support enough to let the shoes stay...i'm not sure!

I hope to find her the best pair before summer starts.

Battle of the Babies

Z100's the Search for America's Most Beautiful Baby is back!  Battle of the babies...

I submitted my entry for my baby. No brainer, i submitted one photo and we're good to go!  Voting will start on the 16th of April.  I will share with you the voting link once it is released.

They will choose one winner per week for three weeks.  One of the three winners will be crowned the most beautiful baby.  Sounds fun right?! and the grand winner will get $5,000.

Hope you guys will support my baby for her 1st contest entry ever!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Page empty..poor...sad~

Mommy Phebie, she's the one who gets me into this blogging world. is it IN or HIP..whatever you call it.. She told me to keep writing, blogging, blah-ing, and the rest will follow. and here i am killing my time to share my thoughts while waiting for baby to wake up from her afternoon nap. And hubby mentioned to me this morning that he heard on the radio that a mommy is earning a lot for blogging. I have told hubby regarding me getting into this world and he encouraged me to continue and keep doing it..who knows!

As i visited other bloggers page, i saw their pages colorfilled and lots of sponsors and their pages look so happy! mine? oh so clean and peaceful! lol!

But i don't do this for any reason. I love to share thoughts and blah in my spare time. i will get there..soon!!! in my time! lol!

Massage Bar

I saw on you tube (i know i'm a youtube addict lately) people hauling for lush products.  I have been dying to go to a lush store to get one myself but the closest lush to me is like 30miles.  And i have not gotten the chance to go yet.  I am tempted to order online but shipping is horrible.  i wanted to see and choose the smell myself.

I asked hubby if we can go soon so i can pick a few for myself and buy some for a friend's bday gift.  I want to try the bubble bar soaps, the bath bombs and the massage bar.  I have a few on my list already and hoping to like it when i get to smell them..Oh, i have not been bubble bathing for a long long time!!! i think i need one to relax and unwind...i hope...

Tiffany's update

I mentioned in my first blog how i loved tiffany blue color..i still do and i am loving it...i ordered china glaze online for aubrey nail polish and OMG i am so in love with it.

However, i did want to get tifanny's chainlink necklace for my bday but hubby gave me something else...philip stein mother of pearl watch which i also love and been eyeing for a while..glad i finally got it.

Nonetheless, i still want to get the chainlink someday..hopefully not too long of a wait.  I saw my favorite youtube makeup guru wearing it on one of her videos and i am sooo jealous that i really really wanted to get one myself.  She told me there is always a next year's bday! omg! i hope i don't have to wait for next year to get it.

hair gone for the first time


I'm not sure if it is Filipino belief not to cut baby's hair until they turn one year old..we did follow the belief..nothing to lose anyways. except we have to deal with tying hair up, which is cute anyways..not a big deal.

We went to my regular hair salon where i used to go.  I had my haircut as well. The experience with baby wasn't bad at all.  She sat on my lap while the hair stylist cuts her bangs 1st which is my concern.  I hate looking at her bangs covering all over her face (that was before haircut)...then she did her back just to trim.  It came out pretty good and now i teased my baby to be more looking like dora the explorer..haha! (the asian version)...

And also we kept some of the hair that was cut for some beliefs...hope that makes sense.

1st bday celebration!


We invited total of 50 guests for Denise's 1st bday! i know, i made it to a point that this would be a big celebration and i prepared way too soon for this.  We celebrated her bday a day after coz her bday falls on a Friday and i couldn't get anybody to attend we pushed off to Saturday.  Unfortunately that Saturday was celebrated with other parties, so some guests weren't able to attend and cancelled.  But that's fine, friends and family were still there to celebrate with us.

On her bday, me and my hubby took our day off to be with baby the whole day.  We started with going to church for mass...then made some last minute errands for the party the following day..went to outlet mall to shop..and ended up shopping for ourselves instead for baby! what selfish parents are we?! i know...haha!

went to jfk airport to pick up my sister coz she came here just to be with denise on her 1st was so sweet of her! i know! hahaha!

went to this filipino restaurant for dinner.

Then Saturday came for her bday celebration.  It was not as magical or tinkerbelly kinda of party..just the decoration.  what to expect, we don't have much friends with kids except for a few.. just eating, chitchats and such.  but most importantly, baby had so much fun walking but at first crying and hesitant to play with the visitors. overall, i don't recommend you guys to expect a kids party on a first bday because they don't really know yet or as much enjoyed that kinda of stuffs.  Maybe when she turns two or three...let's see!

1st bday prep


Being a first time mom it is common i think to be on the look for your child's first!
I wanted to share with you my preparation for my baby girl's 1st bday! her 1st bday!

i planned for a tinkerbell themed party way back December..i know i'm uber uber excited! i bought online some stuffs for the decoration and the rest i bought it at partycity.  I also buy the magnet frame with tinkerbell design for her giveaways and inserted her most recent photo.

My hubby and I put up the decoration a week ahead. You know how it is being busy parents.  So, we did it ahead of time.  This is what we came up with..Very simple yet creative and hardwork from both of us!


I know i was MIA for a while now..i literally forgot my blog id name or how to sign in...seriously, i was busy all march i guess...from my bday down to my baby's bday! now, i hope to be back to normal routine!

i have so many thoughts to share with you. with life's experiences, product reviews and what i have been up to lately.

so be on the lookout for that...

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