Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Nap a Day

My days are tough lately.  Denise's nap is out of schedule.  She used to take naps during daytime twice, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  Then off to bed between 7-8pm. But not anymore or i'm still trying to get her back to the same routine.  I always think that babies should need to take a nap or two.  But i understand that she has been getting active and curious about her surroundings.  She's learning and developing her skills.  I am amazed with how kids react to things, her problem solving is so amazing!

Anyhow, i am hoping to get her back to the same routine if not drop a nap.  But i still think she needs at least one nap a day.  On weekends, i have hard time following her schedule coz we always go out and if not, her dad is around.  She wants to be with her dad all the time causing her not to nap.

Then, no napping made her so cranky.  She's having her moments lately, fake crying and all that! It is annoying.  You gotta have cup full of patience.  Once it's over, i don't what will happen next.  I need to control my temper and be more patient when it comes to my growing little bub.

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