Friday, January 8, 2010

Up for Grabs


I have long been planning to sell some of my makeup that i don't get a lot of love. But i am hesitant that nobody will buy it thinking i only have few readers on this blog. But i am more serious that ever. I have gathered all the makeup that i want to let go and hopefully find them a home who will get a lot of use out of it.

I am not sure when this sale will be up. I will have to take pictures and decide on pricing and everything. Details will be posted soon too!

Preview rules:

1.) All sales final/No returns or Exchange
2.) What you see is what you get
3.) US shipping only
4.) First person to pay gets it

Please note that i am selling these items because i wasn't using them. Most of the items come in original box/packaging. And mostly are limited edition, which means they aren't sold in the mac stores or counter anymore. Most of the items are MAC and a Nars Blush. I am only selling those that can be sanitized. Please also be aware that a few items are either used once or few times. I will note that on the item on sale once it is up.

Please spread the word to all makeup lovers who might be interested.

Little Copycat


I was trying to fix my hair, did an updo and put a scunci headband on. My little Denise kept following me and trying to get something outta me. I noticed she wanted my headband. I gave it to her and put it on her. So, i decided to put something else for myself...and we're even!!! Ahhh, she's my little me, always wanting what i have on and copying me..hehe!

Excuse our bedroom faces in the photo..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nine and more to come...


Today January 5 we celebrate our 9th year anniversary for being together with my bestfriend, boyfriend, now my hubby. I cannot even believe we have been together that long. Time flies yet the love keeps burning.

My hubby and I started as really good friends. I really didn't think that we could be more than friends. As i shouted in my facebook account "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over."

It is so right. I am still and forever be in love with my hubby. He is my everything.

I can't track our photos from 2001-2004. There was no digicam back then, lol!

(december 24,2005 when he proposed to me)
(back when we were still dating in summer 2005)

Aims for 2010


Here are my new year's resolutions. Maybe by the end of December 31,2010 I will do another post and see how many of these i accomplished.

1.) Live Healthy - which means eating right, exercise more, drink lots of water or tea and avoid sweets and other junks. Nothing dramatic, just a slight uplift in quality of life.

2.) To stay on my size and weight right now. ( at least i don't have a dreaded "lose weight" resolution).

3.) Use more, buy less - Stay away from shopping (blahh! i made a deal with my hubby not to buy me anything for any occassion. I will ask for a one time big time gift)

4.) Hopefully to drive a bimmer before the year ends.(hubby really wants one and i will try to save for the downpayment) **fingerscrossed*

5.) To update this blog.

6.) Try to get pregnant after June.(scary)

If you have any resolutions or goals for 2010, I would love to know. Feel free to write them below or link us all to your own blog.

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