Friday, September 25, 2009

What's for next year...

I have been thinking where to go for vacation next year.  I am almost sure we are going back to the westcoast to attend my hubby's cousin's wedding in June.  We will be staying there for a weeklong for sure or even more.  There's a lot of plans on that occasion that i can be more excited.

I also want to make a weekend fly to Chicago.  But not on winter though.  Winter sucks in Chicago, i know how it is.  Too cold...

I want to go to hawaii, but flight takes too long, better be flying home if that's the case. wahhh!

Lastly, we've been planning to go to Orlando, Florida for those themeparks.  Well, at least that's not too far from us.  

Which one should we consider first?

tell me what are your plans?

Monday, September 21, 2009

I am Bringing back the Flares


When i was in College, I adore flare jeans.  It gives me the nice long-legged look and the curves without looking too boring.  With the new trends and style, skinny jeans is IN.  But flares never gets old and out of style.  It's always 'IN'.

When i saw Melissa Rycroft from the previous the Bachelorette in Good Morning America show, i spotted her jeans.  She was wearing True Religion.  And i must say, it looked good on her.  Why not on me?! waahhh...

With my research, she was wearing the True Religion Brand Jeans in Women's Joey Super T in Dark Laguna.  Okey, call me whatever you want, i am obsessed and i want the exact match of that same pair of jeans.

But this jeans retails for $319 plus tax.  Do i really need it?  Go figure!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Worthy of a Standing Ovation


Yes, i want to make everyday worthy of a standing ovation.  Not long ago, i was window shopping at the mall.  When i passed by Michael Kors boutique, the sales lady handed me with a card tester.  I was not paying so much attention when i got it as i thought, duh, this will be another 'hold-up' scheme. haha!  While i was walking out the store, i sniffed it.  True to its name, it has a scent with award worthy glamour.  Michael Kors Very Hollywood.  It makes everyday worthy of a standing ovation.

This is the newest addition to my perfume collection.

Now, tell me what's your all time favorite perfume?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall-ish shopping spree


I went for a little shopping spree for my daughter.  I bought some fall-winter clothes for her.  I spent not much coz we went to an outlet store.  I used my discount coupon plus most of their items were 50% discount.  

I also went to my favorite stores but only bought a few.  My most favorite pick was the jeggings.  It fits perfectly.  It is called jegging because it is a pair of jeans that fits like leggings. 

 I also bought a shirt and 2 sweaters.  And lastly, my hubby grab for me the michael kors very hollywood perfume.  We are set for the cold weather.  I can't wait to wear 'em...

A 'not so' happy weekend

As most of you don't know, i am a work from home mom.  My life is pretty occupied during the weekday.  I do pretty much all chores, look after my baby and work at the same time.  I find no 'alone' time for myself.  I am most of the time in my computer.  I can call it my other half, and an outlet for me.

I always thank God for Fridays.  My hubby comes home early from work on Fridays.  We could spend a 'so called' family time together.  And that would be the start of our fun weekend.

During the weekday frame, we plan what to do over the weekend.  Something exciting but I'd prefer to plan something special for the baby.  This time around, it's not for me anymore, it's more on for the baby.

But this Friday was different.  A friend of my hubby called mid-week and wants to stay over the weekend at home.  That was fine..  I thought it's fun.  And it's always been fun when people come over to visit us.

Something happened last night.  I don't have to tell you in details.  It's this normal husband-wife arguments.  No, it's not even argument, i would say when both of you become 'sensitive' at the same time.  When neither one wants to give in and be patient.  

I hate fighting over nonsense things.  I usually just let it go and be by myself.  Normally, i would just sleep it in.  Then, i'd be fine the next day.

But as i've said, this time is different.  I was hurt and the pain didn't go.

I thought of sharing my feeling to this blog.  When i know this is what blogging is all about.

That's my little story of my not so happy start of my supposed to be 'happy weekend'...Tell me what's your story.  I'd love to hear it.

Tory Burch 'LeeLee' Flat


The leaves will soon turn into colors.  Fall is coming out very soon.  When i think of pre-fall season, i think of flats, ballet type shoes. I am on a mission of finding the perfect and comfortable flat shoes for fall.  I came across with this shoes.  It is not cheap.  But i think it is beautiful and i love it.

This flat retails for $235.  Maybe i'll have it or maybe not.

If you love me, i'll take that in size 6. hahaha!

Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Pounds a Week: A Total Failure


I am on a self challenge of losing few pounds.  Five freakin' pounds is so hard to shred.  I have been keeping on a 15 minutes run on my treadmill for a good whole week now.  I have been careful with my diet. Well, it's not starvation.  I still eat but healthy kind of diet.  Not the 'habhab' that i used to.  So far i don't see any change.  But at least, i didn't go overboard.

I am still hoping and crossing my fingers to lose that five freakin stubborn pounds in the next couple of weeks.  If others can, why can't i? haha!

A Possible New Ride Next Year

We own two cars.  One for buy and the other one is lease.  My hubby uses the Nissan Altima for work and we got it for lease.  The lease will end up next year in March.  My hubby is trying to look for

Buying car is not as easy as 1,2,3. Most especially if you will use it for long hour driving or for
miles drive to and from work. It will not be to our advantage if we still get the car for lease since
my hubby drives around 40 miles each way going to and from work. Also, with the winter
weather in NY, my hubby has too many considerations on what to get for his next car.
I am not really familiar with cars and autos. He said, if i keep looking online for newest
makeup release, then he is also doing online car search.

With the help of online technology, the internet world is the most convenient way to
research and find the most latest release and reviews of any products you want.

I am pretty much excited of what my hubby will end up getting.

I've lost not motivation, but inspiration

Well, i feel like lately i lost not motivation but inspiration.  I keep thinking about my blog readers and follower.  I always thought, they are visiting my blog yet gets no update or new blog post at all.

When i was in highschool, i keep a diary and i write every single thing that excites or unexcite me.  I keep it as my daily journal.  The only difference now is that i blogged..And there are followers who read my posts.  And the diary had a far fewer follower than a personal blog, mostly just nosy mothers and annoying brother and sister.

I sincerely apologize to my readers for being uninspired lately.

The truth is, i have been busy and lazy to throw words to this so called blog.  I keep saying to myself, "Blog, Debbie". You like it.  So here i am, hoping to keep some inspiration to my fingers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Cali Trip

Nothing beats family bonding.  We went to California for a good weekend.  Yes, unbelievably short vacation.  I wish we could've stayed longer.  Den's first plane ride was blissful.  She was very good and just sleeping the entire 5 hour flight. The only thing i regret was our short stay.  She was really disoriented and i would say, didn't enjoy as much with our trip.  Overall, we had a really fun time being together with my whole family.  Here are some photos...

taken on our way to the airport at my bro's house
inside my bro's house(living room)
a little get together party with the family
family pic at downtown disney

at newport beach

rodeo drive (window shopping)

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