Saturday, September 19, 2009

A 'not so' happy weekend

As most of you don't know, i am a work from home mom.  My life is pretty occupied during the weekday.  I do pretty much all chores, look after my baby and work at the same time.  I find no 'alone' time for myself.  I am most of the time in my computer.  I can call it my other half, and an outlet for me.

I always thank God for Fridays.  My hubby comes home early from work on Fridays.  We could spend a 'so called' family time together.  And that would be the start of our fun weekend.

During the weekday frame, we plan what to do over the weekend.  Something exciting but I'd prefer to plan something special for the baby.  This time around, it's not for me anymore, it's more on for the baby.

But this Friday was different.  A friend of my hubby called mid-week and wants to stay over the weekend at home.  That was fine..  I thought it's fun.  And it's always been fun when people come over to visit us.

Something happened last night.  I don't have to tell you in details.  It's this normal husband-wife arguments.  No, it's not even argument, i would say when both of you become 'sensitive' at the same time.  When neither one wants to give in and be patient.  

I hate fighting over nonsense things.  I usually just let it go and be by myself.  Normally, i would just sleep it in.  Then, i'd be fine the next day.

But as i've said, this time is different.  I was hurt and the pain didn't go.

I thought of sharing my feeling to this blog.  When i know this is what blogging is all about.

That's my little story of my not so happy start of my supposed to be 'happy weekend'...Tell me what's your story.  I'd love to hear it.

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