Thursday, April 9, 2009

Landscape Maintenance

When we first got our home, we initially planned to do landscape work on the sides and corner.  We are first time homeowners so maintaining a home and such is something new to us.  Now that spring is here and summer is coming, we really have to do something.
My hubby took time to make phone calls and get as many landscaper to come and give us price.  One came and gave us the proposal. Huh! it's pricey i can tell.  I am waiting for another one to come and show him what we want him to do.

First things first, we want to get spring maintenance, it's a must!  Cleaning the gutter, clearing out the leaves, fertilization, trimming and the like..all those that we need to get the lawn ready.

I told my hubby that weekly maintenance we will do it ourselves.  We just need them to start and we will do the rest.  I hope we will find time to keep it well and we don't have to hire somebody.

Let's see what happens after we get few quotes and we'll take it from there.

One more thing, our pool is scheduled to open on the 23rd! woohooo!! 

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