Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st bday celebration!

We invited total of 50 guests for Denise's 1st bday! i know, i made it to a point that this would be a big celebration and i prepared way too soon for this.  We celebrated her bday a day after coz her bday falls on a Friday and i couldn't get anybody to attend then..so we pushed off to Saturday.  Unfortunately that Saturday was celebrated with other parties, so some guests weren't able to attend and cancelled.  But that's fine, friends and family were still there to celebrate with us.

On her bday, me and my hubby took our day off to be with baby the whole day.  We started with going to church for mass...then made some last minute errands for the party the following day..went to outlet mall to shop..and ended up shopping for ourselves instead for baby! what selfish parents are we?! i know...haha!

went to jfk airport to pick up my sister coz she came here just to be with denise on her 1st bday..it was so sweet of her! i know! hahaha!

went to this filipino restaurant for dinner.

Then Saturday came for her bday celebration.  It was not as magical or tinkerbelly kinda of party..just the decoration.  what to expect, we don't have much friends with kids except for a few.. just eating, chitchats and such.  but most importantly, baby had so much fun walking but at first crying and hesitant to play with the visitors. overall, i don't recommend you guys to expect a kids party on a first bday because they don't really know yet or as much enjoyed that kinda of stuffs.  Maybe when she turns two or three...let's see!

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Mommy Phebie on April 7, 2009 at 5:25 PM said...

Happy Birthday baby Denise!

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