Monday, June 22, 2009

In's and Out's

Hello Everyone!  Here are a list of what's IN and OUT for me!

My new iphone---yes finally!  Hubby has been raving about iphone that i need to get and have it.  On Father's day, he got me one! and so far so good! I am loving it.  It gets me connected to the world ALL THE TIME! Yay!

Summer Bronze Look  by michele1218 and Gentle Sunset Look by glimmerglossglow--I have been wearing this look alternately and i loves it!  You can visit the look tutorial in youtube.

Living room--our center table was moved to the end of the 2 sofas.  Reason?! Denise keeps bumping at the table edges and it is not good.  She always gets hurt with it.  So our living room looks so spacious now that she can run around without hitting anything.

My mama is coming over July-September.  She will stay with us that long.  Yay! I get a lot of help when it comes to housechores!  I can scream right now coz i am so excited.

Denise's first flight ever---we will be flying to CA this coming Sept for a weekend.  Something to look forward to...


How can i ever stop this rain?  Yes, it has been pouring here in NY for weeks now.  And take note, official summer has started but we still have been getting this rain rain! ughh! i could cry tomorrow if i wake up with a rain.

Vacation time is over---Angelou's family left already..How sad! Back to square one.  

Car Accident---we got into a car accident.  I was driving along Route 112 in our place and traffic was slow.  Kinda distracted by some kids jumping with streamers, advertisement of car wash promotion.  Then the car ahead of us did a sudden stop .  I stepped on the accelerator too much instead of the brake.  Too late,  i was not able to keep away.  Head on!  Front hood - destroyed!  Got to wait for car insurance estimator to get the quote to fix it.  This is my second car accident and i think i need to reconsider driving.  blee!

I think these are all for now.  Will post another IN's and OUT's in about a month or so

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