Thursday, June 25, 2009

Early to bed, early to rise...

There is what we call BODY CLOCK.  It is when  the body seems to know when to get up and when to sleep.  It is to the advantage for those who maintain to set the body clock on the socially acceptable time.  I used to maintain an early body clock, which means early rise and early bed.  On the other hand, hubby wants to sleep late and get up late.  We are really on the opposite ends.  When I am awake at 6am, i tend to wake him up, talk to him and ask him to try to be with me.  At night time when my sleepy head strikes, he is at his best. Totally opposite!!!

Lately, i don't know why i work this way.  I swear it is not my choice.  At 9pm, i have all the intentions of actually "going to bed" at night.  But by 12am, i don't know where exactly that plan went wrong.  And time seems to move faster between those times that i don't notice how late it is.  The worse thing is that when i am past my bedtime, it is very hard for me to fall asleep.  What made matters even worse is the invention of the internet.  Time flies when you are stalking celebrities on twitter or searching for the Hayden-Katrina scandal, or blog hopping.....Only to find out that there is more than just a scandal...a new collection released by MAC cosmetics, OMG?!  or What? Lauren Conrad's first novel is in the market.  So Kate and Jon split?!  I get all the important news over the internet.  Reading one after another made my night longer.  Then i realized it is way beyond my bedtime..grrr!!!

When i was little, my mom always encouraged us to sleep early so that we will wake up early.  She would even wakes us up in the morning and assigned us with tasks to do at home.  And if waking us up is hard for her, she will start telling us that it is raining with money outside and too bad we were not able to see and grab  So, i have always maintained that ealy to bed, early to rise. ..Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise:)

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