Monday, June 29, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

Dear Mondays, 

Why do you feel the need to come around every 7 days? I'm sorry, it overkills.
It is hard to wake up on a Monday morning to shower and get ready.  It is traffic on Monday mornings.  You can hear bustling and hustling of the busses and cars.  It is hard to get in the office with a smile and a nice mood.  The office table is not ready for the week-work.  And most of all time is really slow...

Let me why?!  Is it just another Manic Monday?

Love, me.

P.S  That necklace i bought from Tiffany, Denise is wearing it right now.  It is perfect for her (since we both have the same initial) and Dad said she could have it...huhu!

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