Monday, June 29, 2009

Americana Manhasset

We went to Americana Manhasset on Saturday.  For those of you who is not familar, it is a Fifth Avenue kind of in Long Island.  It is a luxury mall where hi-end brands are sold.  We decided to stop by on our way to Queens.  I really don't have anything specific to look at.  We are just browsing and window shopping.

We went to Tiffany and Company to look around and to browse some jewelry items.  I already have a wishlist from that store but not like a "i have to get it now" kind of thing...  You know me, i am obseessive compulsive.  I have to get what i want in that same exact time, if i really want it!  Good thing, none of my list are urgent-urgent wants. blee!!!

Then we walked along.  We stopped by Chanel.  Look around and went out.  I like their bags but i don't like the price..hahaha!

We went to some other boutiques and brands just to browse...then the long unvisited shop LV...i went there.  They don't have any customer which is not usual.  Obviously, i get attended and introduced to their new arrivals.  I have been looking online for a crossbody bag that i could bring when i run errands and go quick shopping.  They have a few to choose from.  And i love the 1st one that i tried on...almost tempted to buy it but not really.  I have to think it over since i have 4 LV's and i only use 1 at a time..wahhhh!

As i went home, i was thinking to either get the LV or the Tiffany necklace that i like.  Not so hard to decide since both have different prices and not even close price competition.  I was leaning towards getting the necklace of course.  That's the only thing i can afford for now.

I couldn't sleep that night.  Then finally Sunday came..I told hubby if we can go back to Manhasset to get the necklace.  YES is the answer...spoiled eh! haha! 

But going to Manhasset was never easy again.  There was a battle of either getting a huge watch from MK or the Tiffany necklace. Hubby told me that i can get either one of them...Just ONE?!  then the battle begins!

I went to Tiffany to get the necklace with letter D initial pendant.  Hubby paid it and i was walking along the shops with Tiffany blue box hanging on my wrist..hahaha! Then went across the street to see the huge watch from MK and I AM IN LOVE!!!!  I wish i went to MK before i decided to buy the necklace.  But then again, hubby told me that i have a watch and he thinks i don't need a lot.

You know that's my next goal to add on my so called WISHLIST!!!!

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