Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do Not Drink My Milk

I have this thing about milk.  The idea of being "out of milk" somehow terrifies me.  I don't usually drink milk other than in my coffee.  My hubby did not drink milk when he was a baby.  WEIRD, right?!  So, between us there is no issue about running out of milk in the house.  But i don't understand why i have this obsession about milk.  I panic when a recipe calls for milk as ingredient.  Or when a visitor asks for milk.  I developed a "security blanket" relationship with a full gallon of milk.

It would be horrible when i give guests cookies or cake and request for milk..and what if i am out of milk?  What a shame!  Or i am cooking or baking cake and prepared all the ingredients only to find out i am low of milk.  And my supply is not enough for the recipe.  Although it is very easy to run to our nearest grocery store, but the thought of delaying the mixture will ruin the whole procedure.  It is wrong!

I could even suffer from mild "panic attack" if my baby cries because she is hungry.  And the only way to calm her down is MILK...then i don't have enough to offer...ouch!!!  Milk has been a staple in our grocery needs.  I have to get milk everytime we shop for food.  I also make a special trip to the grocery store for milk.  That's how bad the demand of milk in my home!

I believe i am not alone on this issue.  Maybe you have something but on a different story.  But isn't it what blogging is all about- to share to the world those things.  So, please tell me your obsessive compulsions - JUST DO NOT DRINK MY MILK...

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