Monday, June 22, 2009

SUMO Promo Code

June 16-18 i marked my icalendar on these dates.  It is the Friends and Family Sale of MAC Cosmetics.  I can never allow myself to miss this great opportunity.  25% discount on entire purchase and free shipping on orders over $60. Code valid online only. Yet another haul and visa damage. lol!

I placed 2 orders...Yeah, i know.  I am obsessed like that.  

My first order was delivered  2 days after.  I got 6 eyeshadows, a 15-eyeshadow empty palette, 239 eyeshader brush & 109 contour brush.  My second order was still pending.  But i ordered another 4 eyeshadows, concealer, 4 empty palette and an eyeliner.  So, that completes my SUMO promo code haul.  

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