Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To be honest and follow what your heart tells you

I have never followed the complete episode of this reality show The Bachelor.  But i saw the trailer during the last few episodes where the guy has 2 girls left to choose.  The minute i saw the clip video, i made my own choice..being melissa be the lucky girl...  I was so intrigued that i had to watch the finale...and i was right! he chose melissa and broke molly's heart!  Btw, for those who is not familiar with the show, it is where a bachelor has 25 pretty girls vying to win his heart for just couple of weeks.  Every episode he sends someone home until he'd be left with 2 girls to choose from that he has falling for...i know, it sounds crazy but who this world we live in, everything is possible.  just believe in fate and destiny.

Melissa was the lucky girl as i have said...They we're "in love" at the moment! yes!  He proposed to her and they were both happy!  On the other hand, molly was sent home brokenhearted.  What touches me was that before she left, she told him that he made big time mistake of not choosing her...a minute there, i thought, wow! she must have loved him so dear to be brave enough to tell him that in front of tv!  

After six weeks, the 3 of them have to face to face confront each other and share the details of what had happen since then.  Jason (the bachelor) came with a devastated look! Then Melissa came..There was no spark at all...Then i thought to myself, there is something wrong between them.  Jason tells that things changed since the last weeks.  He realized that he loved Molly more than anything else.  what a shocker! And he ended up with Melissa in the hope to give a shot with Molly.  Melissa was so mad and returned the hearbroken!

Jason claimed that he just followed what his heart is telling him.  He doesn't want to live a life with regrets and this time he wanted to make sure.  In my opinion he did the right thing.  He didn't care what the world would think about him.  Of course, there would be rumors, criticism and all that but all he cares is the one true feeling and what his heart is telling him.. Afterall, that's what he was there for...

To make the story short, Jason and Molly are happy together, sharing each others feelings, passion and love.  While Melissa being heartbroken and devastated of what had happen...

Lesson learned:  You have to make decision and not hurry things up.  Also being honest to your feelings and really think twice!  You may hurt somebody's feelings but you also followed what your heart is beating. Better learn to fight for love and not just end up and jump to another relationship.  Jason didn't even try to fight for his relationship with Melissa.  Being honest yet a coward...

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