Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Tiffany Blue?!

When i think of Tiffany, a lot of things pop up into my mind.  I know a lot of pretty girls named tiffany, i'm loving tiffany blue color and most of all, am dying to at least have one jewelry from tiffany and company...

I know most girls dream is to get the prettiest engagement ring they could ever have when they get engaged.  I never thought of this!  But when i looked at it on the website, i'm overwhelmed of how pretty their jewelries are, most especially the rings. I'm obsessed with diamond rings but sadly i can't afford to buy one.  I know, in this crazy world, it is not practical anymore.  what the heck..after all, it's not how pricey your ring is, nor how big the diamond is and how many, what matters most is the love and commitment you're going into.

Not long ago, about 4 years back, i was engaged by my long time bf and now my hubby.  He literally surprised me with a nice princess cut e-ring..At that point in time, i have a clue that the moment of getting engaged is on the wheel but no idea as to when it will happen.

I must say, everything will fall into places, everything happens for a reason..i love my life now and i can never ask for more.

Now, would you want to get that tiffany blue box someday? be it an engagement ring or if you are already engaged, be it a bday gift or holiday present from someone special in your life?  well, well, i am hoping to get one on my bday! lol!

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