Friday, May 22, 2009

Niagara Falls Encounter!

The exciting Niagara Falls was one worth of a long 8-hour drive!  It is long especially having a baby in the car who gets bored from time to time... restroom stops, snacks and meals in between the long drive made it really long yet so worth it!

Our roadtrip to Niagara Falls was one of our major trip.  Except my parents inlaw, we haven't been there.  And hearing from people who have gone there for more than once said that NY side has been developed for tourist and the amazing falls is beautiful..We really need to see the falls!

We stayed at a hotel close to the area.  We went to see the falls both day and night.  And of course took a lot of pictures here and there. How can we miss the picture!

The following day was intended for the whole day tour, riding the ferry to get us up close to the falls.  We were first in line.  When we get closer to the ferry, our Den freaks out like no other.  I think she was scared with the blue coats that we wore so that we won't get wet.  We ended up not getting into the ferry which was good.  The rest went by the way.  Only me, hubby and Den didn't go...We waited at a souvenier store while they were on the ferry.

Then we took a ride with a trolley for a closer view of the majestic waterfall.  AMAZING how strong the running water that you cannot survive a second if you jump off...If you want to end your life, then jumping to Niagara Falls is the best way to end it soon! 

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