Friday, May 29, 2009

Tweet Tweet

I don't know how and what throws me to sign up for twitter.  Oh, i remember was following those make up gurus from you tube that i am subscribed to. Then it became an all out personal obsession.  Then it went from not even knowing what twitter was all about to not going to the shower thinking how many tweets do i get out of my tweet.  Or how many have loled at my latest tweet.  Then the list goes on and on.

How many times do you actually check twitter to see updates of people you have followed?!  Does checking 5x in an hour marks the so called obsession level?!

I don't really have a lot of followers as of yet.  I followed not too many people.  But following them made me learn so many things from fashion to makeup to daily lives.  I learned what makeup is best for summer.  What toothpaste made teeth whiten in no time and less every sort of tweets.. And now i am writing nonsense topic and i have to say if you have any comments on this post just, tweet on!

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