Friday, February 5, 2010

my weight loss journey

I have been on a battle to lose weight after giving birth to my daughter two years ago.  Over a year, I got stuck on a weight that I thought I couldn’t lose.  Just about the last quarter of 2009, I decided to focus.  I asked my hubby to buy a treadmill for me to use at home.  I started on here and there diet.  But I focused myself on the exercise habit.  I have been running on the treadmill for 2miles each day.  I even used the sauna suit because I don’t sweat a lot like most people do.  During the first few weeks, I only eat banana for breakfast, fruits, protein drinks and a one good meal to last me through the next day.  The progress was slow, yet I was hopeful that one day I will get to the target weight. I continued with my routine until around December that I noticed a dramatic change in my body.  I feel healthy and sexy once again.  I can’t be more proud of myself.  I have reached my goal weight and have maintained it so far up to this very day.  The only thing that changed with my routine is that I get to eat what I want now, and still continue with my exercise routine twice or three times a week. Last words, don’t give up.  If others can, why can’t you?

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