Thursday, February 11, 2010

my weightloss confessional

Do you have excess skin from all your weight loss?

Sadly, yes. I need tummy tuck in my midsection area. I will be visiting a plastic surgeon in my future. I have to. I have so much excess skin. I didn't think I would need to, but it's so obvious now that I do. For example, my stomach would be much flatter if the skin that occupies the area was removed. I have a certain weight in my head though before I will visit one because I want to make sure when I go - it's the right time. Not to mention how crazy expensive it will be  - I doubt my insurance will cover that. Something I will explore in the future.

I can’t blame my daughter because I got this flabby tummy when I got pregnant.  I blame myself for not taking care of myself while I was pregnant.  I ate a lot, like there will be no tomorrow.  I gained more than 50lbs over the course of my pregnancy.  That is silly!

The hard part was getting the weight out of the way.  I just recently got back in my pre-pregnancy weight.  I know it was hard of a deal.  But I did it.  The problem now is that, I can no longer wear bikini during the summer time.  I need to find a swimwear that could cover my mid-section area.

Did you ever have the same problem?  I'd love to hear how did you handle it.

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