Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still Searching for "The One"

I am of course talking about fragrance. I am on an eternal journey of finding the one true scent for myself. I seem to find a lovely scent for me, then one day, it smells boring. I don't want to smell like someone my hubby works with, or same smell with a bank teller that i go transact with. I keep on searching for "the one". And in order to call this mythological fragrance my own, i have to love and learn about top notes, bottom notes, left notes, right notes and all that diagonals in between.

It is always easy to browse and look for online perfume.
I love mild yet pleasant smell. I don't go for flowery strong smells. Along my journey, i come across with pleasant and lovely fragrance. Then i would say, this is it "The Debbie's scent". As time goes by, it faded in to a boring scentless oblivion.

Most of us aim to never be one of "those people" who wear completely offensive amounts of perfume.
It is funny how intricately scents wind their way into our memories. When i go pick up a perfume at the store and i put it down. "Oh, I can't wear that. It smells like my mom, my co-worker, my boss or a stranger. And while the scent may be lovely it is tied in my mind to someone else, and therefore cannot be "mine". I don't want my hubby to misinterpret the pleasant thoughts associated with your scent as affection when it is worn by a coworker or other close contact. So for now, I am still left searching for "The One".

3 comments on "Still Searching for "The One""

Anonymous said...

that's absolutely a lovely scent :)

have a great weekend :)

pampee on August 1, 2009 at 7:42 AM said...

hala chi, naa k elizabeth arden, love gyud nako na nga scent.. hehe.. (samot ni mangita gyud og The One) hehe..

Phebie on August 1, 2009 at 8:27 PM said...

sus...daghana gud ana mem...kung sumhan nka...akoon na ha?hehheheh

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