Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's fire up the grill

Okey, summer time is almost over. I know...But that does not stop us from enjoying the sun and our bbq, swimming and all that fun stuff...Sad to say that our "hand me down" grill gave up last Friday. I was grilling some pork bbq and dried squid. My 1st time actually...It's my hubby who keeps doing the grilling for us. So, last Friday was my 1st. Congrats to me, tap on the!

When the pork was already cooked, i noticed that the fire went down. So, i thought it was okey. Then my hubby came home and finished the other stuffs on grill and found out that there's no more heat. We checked the gas and all that stuff but sad to say it's broken. We'll, Angelou's uncle had that grill for a long time. It's about time to give up and say goodbye to that grill.

Yesterday, we went to Loews to buy a new one. There's so much grill to choose from. We don't want charcoal grill, that's for sure. So, we looked for the ones that uses gas and something with a burner on the side. We really wanted a burner on the side for the dried fish and other smelly fish to fry outside. It stinks inside the house everytime we cook dried fish...i just love dried fish so much that i don't mind the smell inside the house...Thanks God, we found the perfect one for us, the ones within our budget.

So, we will be firing up that grill sometime this week and make the most out of what's left for the summer

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