Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grabs for Football Fans

I have never been a football fan in my life.  Or should i say i have never been a sports fan ever.  My hubby is a very sporty person.  He has been following every football season and stuff like that.  He doesn't play it but he watches it.  When he watches the game, i sit beside him and tries to understand every rules football has.  I learned a little bit but i get bored so easily.

Now that the pre-season has started, i urged my husband to sign up for the In-season pass offered by WaiverWireso that he can monitor everything about his team and his favorite players.

The In-Season Pass, will provide him with Real-time player alerts via email, text and/or web such as: Player injury alerts; Player news and updates, and; Expert fantasy analysis with every alert. The In-Season Pass is only $9.99. This price is nothing compared to what this package can offer. It is very cheap indeed.  It will not only give you real time alerts but the most comprehensive fantasy football rankings, projections, news, stats and analysis. It will give you access to Waiver Wire’s Fantasy Social Network and Community Forum and a whole lot more.

I also need to tell my friends who are football fanatic so they can grab this great opportunity to stay connected with the latest new and updates about football...

Sign up for an account now and take your game to the next level with WaiverWire.


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Phebie on August 19, 2009 at 8:18 AM said...

aw abi nko ug wa ni nmo masulat mem...Good job! hehheheh

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