Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Car Accident

It was 3 or 4 years back when i first learned to drive a car. I literally practice driving for a total of 3 days. I came to NYC to my bf at that time (my hubby now) to practice driving. I am a fast learner, so i learned right away. He visited me to Chicago where i stayed and work before to give me a final practice before i get a car and my license of course. Then the rest of my driving experience is history.

When i first move to NYC, with 1 week of driving off and to work, i met an accident. My car was really hit so bad. We only have liability insurance at that time. It was not a brand new car though, so we didn't care to pay high priced car insurance. We called several autobody shop who will take it for repair with a less costly charge.

Not long ago, i was driving along route 112, a main road in our town. With back luck or whatever you call it, i got into an accident again..NOT AGAIN?! The worst is, my baby was with me in the backseat. Thank goodness to her brittax carseat. Proven and tested to be safe. Nothing much happened except the front hood is damaged. It looked like it is not a bad damaged but when we take it to the autobody shop, it was really really bad. We looked for autobody shop irvine. They fixed it and I found miracle to my car.  
My car looks like in pre-accident condition, it even looks like i just got it 
from the car retailer.

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Oh my god! God bless him!

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