Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What time is it?

I am a very huge fan of watches. Be it brand name watches or fashion watches. I collect them and if i get bored of it, i give it away to my relatives and friends. When i was in college, my mom let me use her vintage watch. I call it vintage coz it was a "hand me down" from her. And it was a gift from my dad to her. WOW! It is still up and working. I was wearing it my whole college years. One day, a dormmate of mine asked me if my watch is authentic. It is ROLEX. I didn't care much about it as long as i have watch to wear and the time it gives is realiable. She inspected it and told me, Yes, it is original, authentic! When you own something that someone appreciates, you tend to love it even more. And that what happens to me with that watch. I am so proud to own it during those times of my college years. After college, i returned it to my mom. Now i am reconsidering to own one for myself out of my earnings. I check for realible authentic Rolex watches that has good
deals and warranty life. So far so good. But the only thing that is holding me back is my budget. I will add this to my wishlist
and hoping somebody, i can afford. I would love to own Rolex watch. It is a brand name watch that you can trust. It would even
more reliable if you get it from somebody whom you can trust.

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KOKODA on August 5, 2009 at 1:30 AM said...

: I got your back
: You got mine,
: I'll help you out
: Anytime!
: To see you hurt
: To see you cry
: Makes me weep
: And wanna die
: And if you agree
: To never fight
: It wouldn't matter
: Whos wrong or right
: If a broken heart
: Needs a mend
: I'll be right there
: Till the end
: If your cheeks are wet
: From drops of tears
: Don't worry
: Let go of your fears
: Hand in hand
: Love is sent,
: We'll be friends
: Till the end!!!!


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